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Shoes and coats are basic necessities which people don’t have

Sophie Mei Lan

30th January 2023
A Yorkshire-based charity is urging people to donate any unwanted clothes, shoes and toiletries as the winter weather bites.
Many people arrive in the UK wearing only the clothes and shoes they fled their home country in.
Asylum seekers often live life in limbo when they arrive in the UK, meaning they have little access to basic necessities.
HAWWA Appeal, which prides itself on supporting “our global family” from here in the region, is urging people who can donate clothes or money to get in touch.
Hawwa Appeal founder Farzana Aziz from Outwood, Wakefield, said:
“We fed thousands of people during Ramadan when breaking fasts in the evening and during Christmas - we were so grateful for the support. But the cold weather is continuing and we want to support those who need shoes and coats. A pair of shoes or a coat could help transform someone’s life.
“We support everyone including Asylum Seekers when life can be transient. We like to be the one constant for everyone.”
Hawwa which means ‘woman’ specialises in working with women helping them to be “victorious rather than victims,” added Farzana.

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