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"We want to relieve the needs of those persons in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working towards the same goals as us".

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HAWWA Appeal
SORT CODE: 40-45-11
Acc. No. : 32399210
Worldwide Appeal

Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Support us in providing Tents, Warm Clothing, Food and Medcine for the victims of Turkey Earthquake Disaster.

Ramadan Appeals

Like every year we support refugees, orphans and the poor in the UK and abroad, this year with the mass migration of refugees, earthquakes in Turkey and floods in Pakistan, the victims need our help in this blessed month.

Refugee Iftaars in UK

  • We need £15,000 to support refugees residing in hotels West Yorkshire and the Refugee Centre in Wakefield
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  • £4 per fast per day, which equates to £120 for the whole month. Feeding takes place in Pakistan
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Iftaar Packs Abroad

  • Iftaar ration packs for the poor and victims of erathquate and floods. Each pack costs between £20 -£30
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  • Please donate your Zakat obligation according to your calender and working out. 
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Our core Causes

We are passionate about making an impact across the following three broad areas, these are the core causes HAWWA Appeal stands for and we have and will continue to work hard to make a difference in the peoples' lives who belong to these vulnerable groups whether in the UK or abroad.
Refugees Welcome


Refugees from war-torn areas, especially Afghanistan, Syria and now Ukraine continue to pour into our communities, needing help with all matters of things, emotional support and help with integration. HAWWA Appeal continues to work on the ground to support refugees in every way possible both at the macro level and individual level.

Support Orphans


This is an ongoing cause that is very dear to our hearts, we aim to support orphans locally and internationally. In the past, we have supported orphanages in Pakistan and will continue to do so in other locations too. Our ambition at HAWWA Appeal is to sponsor 1000 orphans in orphanages and in families within the sub-continent.


Women Empowerment

The aim is to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education, skills and confidence so that they can transform their lives and exit poverty and oppression. Helping women to find their voice whether in the UK or in a village in Pakistan is equally challenging, we support women to



Support us to help the thousands of refugees in West Yorkshire, Calais and Greece
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  • Support orphans and orphanages in the Indian sub-continent, with education, food and clothing
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Empower Women

  • Women empowerment is an essential route to take whole communities out of poverty
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Our current appeals

These causes are generally short-term projects and appeals that may be in response to a particular event or natural calamities in the UK and around the World.

Mental Health

Post-COVID in our communities, especially within marginalise groups like refugees and BAME women have suffered immensely.



Pakistan Floods Appeal

The situation in Pakistan's flooded areas is still bleak, with winter, shortage of vital supplies and disease making the situation worse.


Mushafs Appeal

Mushafs Appeal

A Go Fund Me appeal to raise funds for 1500 copies of the Holy Quran for refugees, asylum seekers and internationally. We also need large quantities of prayer mats


West Yorkshire businesses


The following companies have been supportive of many elements of our work.
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Corporate support

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HAWWA Appeal

About Us

100% Donation Policy

HAWWA Appeal is a UK-based national and international Humanitarian aid charity established in 2016 and registered with the Charities Commission in 2020.

Inspired by empathy, generosity and selflessness, the charity aims to alleviate suffering across the UK and the World, focusing on disadvantaged communities.

We want to relieve the needs of those persons in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working towards the same goals as us.

The charity has a full and transparent 100% donation policy.

The charity does not use any of the donations (except donations earmarked for Administration) to pay for any staff, facilities or expenses, everyone within the organisation is working on a voluntary basis. Donation for admin are used for websites, software, systems, accountants and other administrative duties and parties.

We would like to thank our kind and generous donors who continue to support us in our work.

We also appreciate the support of Google, Microsoft & Sage for allowing us to use their products and service for free.

Become A Volunteer

There is so much we want to do to improve the condition of the most deprived groups in the UK and abroad, you can support us by becoming a volunteer and making it possible.
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Contact via email is preferred, as our telephone line is not manned at all the time, we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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