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core cause

refugees/ asylum seekers

Our biggest area of concern

Thousands of refugees pass through the refugee processing centre based in Wakefield, unfortunately they have little or no access to public funds, and although a three course meal is provided, the living conditions are poor.

Many arrive with families and young children. The true scale of the challenges faced by these people is only understaood when you get close to what they indure.

HAWWA Appeal has been working with this groups for years and no matter what we do, it never seems enough.

Once refugees have been granted permission to apply for stay in the UK, they are classed as asylum seekers. These people who have suffered greatly in their countries of origin, made perilous journeys to get here, stayed in processing and detention centers are finally released into the community with extraordinarily little to survive on. They need all sort of support to integrate in our communities, from help with language, household items, schooling for children, food and basic livelihood items.


Food & Snacks

We try not to show any faces of the people who we help. The provison of food & snack is a regular weekly occurance.

Clothing & Accessories

We try not to show any faces of the people who we help. Clothing and toileteries were procured as per request from the centre

Stuff for children