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Core Cause


Support Orphanages

This is an ongoing cause that is very dear to our hearts, we aim to support orphans locally and internationally. In the past we have supported orphanages in Pakistan and will continue to do so in other locations too. Our ambition at HAWWA Appeal is to sponsor a 1000 orphans in orphanages and in families within the sub-continent.

On average it costs £50 per month per orphan, which would include food, clothing and basic education. Other than working with established orphanages we also support single parents who have no means to survival.

Supporting young children and their mothers is a central aim of HAWWA Appeal, we want to support the education and vocational training for these individuals, empowering them to stand on their own two feet. We aim to work with existing organisations who are working in this field.

We are also working very hard to ensure that child saftey and safeguarding standards are improved in the established orphanages, but this requires, training, persistence and buy-in from the organisations we are working with, this can sometimes add additional costs to these already beleaguered organisations, we support in every way possible for them to meet our minimum standard with regards to child safeguarding.

Please help us to attain our aims and mostly importantly make a difference in a young child’s life.


al-Islah Orphanage

Some images from the orphanage in Mansehra

AQUEEQA & Birthdays

Arrange an aqueeqa or a birthday meal at an orpahange in Pakistan. One goat/ sheep, cooked and served with bread/ rice will cost circa £250 and can feed 40 children.