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Women Empowerment

The Influence of Women’s Empowerment on Poverty Reduction is a well known fact, especially in the Third World, but even in the UK, giving women a voice and a stake in thier families is an essential means for gender equality and respect.

"Don't be a Victim, Be Victorious" - Farzana Aziz (Chair of Trustees - HAWWA Appeal)
  • Confidence

    Supporting women and young girls to have confidence in themselves in a manner that suits the.

  • Education & Skill

    Focusing on education and skills that allow women especially in the Third World to break the shackles of poverty and deprivation.

  • Mental Health

    Supporting BAME women within West Yorksire with Mental Health and wellbeing.

Women EMPOwerment

Building confidence

Local workshops for women and girls within the community or at the refugee centre.
women empowerment

Education & Skill

Working in Third World communities by providing education, skills and tools.
women empowerment

Mental health

Some images and videos for the mental health and wellbeing for BAME women and Refugees