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RAMADhan 2023

Blessed Time

Fast, Pray & Do Good

The Month of blessings

Ramadan Projects

Below are our planned Ramadan projects, please support us to help those in need during this blessed month. 
Ramadan Iftaars for Refugees

Ramadan UK


Every year HAWWA Appeal arranges iftaar for the refugees in the UK, living within the refugee camps or in hotels. This year we intend to continue with this activity.

Pakistan Flood Ramadan Appeal

Ramadan Pakistan

Flood Victims

We intend to support the victims of the Paksitan Floods and the needy in the northern areas and Sindh. The food packs have all the daily essentials that can support a family with daily iftaars.

Ramadan Turkey

Earthquake Victims

During Ramadan we would like to support the Turkish victims of the Earthquakes, ensuring they can observe the rites of Ramadan and support them with their needs.

Ramadan Misc


  • Zakat - Generally a popular time to pay zakat

  • Fidyah - Pay the obligation of not being able to observe the fasts

  • Kaffarah - Pay your obligations here